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Fernando JorgeThin Snake Chain W/ Cushioned Lines PendantUS $5,360.00Sexy, dramatic, and packs in some welcome edge.
Sophie RatnerEngraved Initial Diamond Pendant NecklaceUS $1,200.00Simple and to the point.
Brooke CorsonSmall Flat Plate NecklaceUS $390.00Set a date.
Jane Winchester Traveler's Coin Pendant NecklaceUS $278.00Lucky charm.
IconeryDainty Nameplate NecklaceUS $498.00Because she's a Carrie.
14K Yellow Gold
14K White Gold
VenyxParrot Star Fish NecklaceUS $12,445.00Adds impact to whatever you wear it with.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Simone NecklaceUS $730.00Disco inferno.
Anne Sisteron Golden Globe NecklaceUS $595.00Ball out.
VenyxAton Lucky Coin NecklaceUS $7,231.00Feeling lucky?
Sophie RatnerHeart Pendant NecklaceUS $1,100.00Strung on a dainty 18-inch chain, it’s pretty on its own and plays well with others.
Sara WeinstockReverie Diamond NecklaceUS $7,360.00A contemporary riff on diamonds by the yard.
Sara WeinstockFour Diamond Cluster Lariat NecklaceUS $3,325.00Customize the drape of the ethereal pendant to your liking.
Sophie RatnerDiamond Swell NecklaceUS $730.00The prettiest lineup.
Sophie RatnerCrescent Yellow-Gold Pendant NecklaceUS $530.00Over the moon.
Colette JewelryMoon Diamond NecklaceUS $7,500.00Moonstruck.
Sara WeinstockMarquis Horizontal NecklaceUS $1,390.00Though understated, it’s remarkably striking.
Sara WeinstockDonna Pavé NecklaceUS $1,970.00You’ll wear this dainty, diamond-encrusted piece on the regular.
Bondeye JewelryAstraea White Topaz Star Pendant NecklaceUS $2,195.00Opulent and occasion-spanning.
Colette JewelryTwinkle Star Diamond PendantUS $950.00Twinkle, twinkle.
Aurelie BidermannClover Pendant Yellow-Gold with 50cm ChainUS $1,260.00You’re in luck.
Daniela VillegasRose-Gold Freyr NecklaceUS $10,000.00Note the teardrop-shaped sapphire in the crab’s claws.
Soko JewelryJiwe Choker Pendant NecklaceUS $78.00Ethically made by Kenyan artisans from recycled brass.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link 18K Gold Necklace with LockUS $18,600.00Locked and loaded.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Necklace with Classic Tri-LinksUS $3,600.00Heavy metal.
Suzanne KalanFirework Diamond NecklaceUS $2,700.00Extra light-catching thanks to the asymmetrical stones.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Cluster NecklaceUS $3,800.00Equal parts impactful and intricate.
AzleePegasus Coin With Diamond Bar NecklaceUS $3,360.00A contemporary twist on an ancient Greek coin.
Loquet18K Gold Moon CharmUS $160.00Reach for the moon.
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