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64 items in Necklaces
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Necklace$5,877.00Found: Your new lucky gold coin.
Marlo LazTalisman 5 Coin Necklace$12,184.00The kind of keepsake you can wear daily.
Marlo LazJuju Necklace$2,985.00The gorgeous green agate stone is said to bring balance.
Marlo LazMini Eye With Star$2,760.00Incredibly eye-catching (wink, wink).
Jennifer MeyerI Love You Disc Necklace$5,500.00Right back at ya.
10 1/2 The OG Necklace$1,050.00When a perfect ten doesn't quite cover it.
Logan HollowellLeo Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,360.00
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellVirgo Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,475.00
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellLibra Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,375.00
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Jennifer MeyerDiamond 'LOVE' Necklace$3,850.00Layer it with other everyday jewelry for a subtle dose of drama.
Michelle FantaciGemfields x Muse 20" Chain$800.00Use this single-strand as the base layer for all of your favorite charms.
Michelle FantaciEmerald Heart Charm$1,400.00Best part is, you can add it to any necklace or choker.
Michelle FantaciRuby Heart Charm$1,400.00Note the row of diamonds embellishing its fastening link.
Michelle FantaciDiamond Heart Charm$2,400.00Mix and match with other teeny charms.
Michelle FantaciEmerald Hand Charm$1,340.00A charm you’ll cherish forever.
Michelle FantaciRuby Hand Charm$1,340.00Wear it solo or clustered with other pendants.
Michelle FantaciDiamond Hand Charm$1,660.00A true diamond keepsake.
Michelle FantaciEmerald Key Charm$1,200.00We like it doubled up on a dainty chain.
Michelle FantaciRuby Key Charm$1,200.00Half-diamond, half-ruby; completely stunning.
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