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AzleeGlow Diamond RingUS $2,900.00Feminine and featherweight.
AzleeE/W Diamond RingUS $2,700.00Art Deco-inspired elegance.
Nak ArmstrongCrocus RingUS $7,300.00Equal parts edgy, romantic, and a little bit unexpected.
Nak ArmstrongBaton RingUS $6,800.00The baton-shaped baby baguettes add a little whimsy to any ring stack.
AzleePavé & Baguette Diamond BandUS $3,550.00We’re with the band.
KATKIMThe Marquise Farris Yellow Gold Diamond RingUS $4,200.00Hyper-modern meets old-world glamour.
KATKIMEcho Yellow Gold Diamond RingUS $3,000.00Fits just like a classic eternity band, but is finished with an artful oval eclipse on top.
Nak ArmstrongPleated Crown RingUS $3,300.00The teeny crown motif boosts the regal feel of the green tourmalines.
Fernando JorgeRadiant RingUS $9,760.00In a word: Museum-worthy.
VramColony I RingUS $3,200.00Appears to magically float between your fingers.
VramOne-of-a-Kind Pear Shaped Green Tourmaline RingUS $35,000.00The halo of glimmering white diamonds only emphasizes its rich, emerald-green luster.
VramEcho Eon RingUS $4,800.00Totally tubular.
VramEmerald Cut White & Yellow One-of-a-Kind Sapphire RingUS $43,000.00Call it an heirloom, call it couture.
VramHelics RingUS $8,080.00It’s like five gold rings rolled into one.
VenyxChamaeleo RingUS $4,978.00Looks like a long-lost treasure that has washed ashore.
David YurmanPure Form Stacking RingsUS $1,900.00Stack them, mix them, separate them—anything goes.
Nak ArmstrongTriple Ruched Ribbon RingUS $13,800.00Encrusted with 84 custom-cut stones.
Anne Sisteron Chain Link Light RingUS $1,030.00Don’t miss the sleek cradle hugging the back.
Colette JewelryDouble-Headed Snake RingUS $6,900.00The elongated piece fits comfortably along the knuckle.
Fernando JorgeSprout Open RingUS $2,810.00The diamond-encrusted head is like a teeny objet d’art in and of itself.
VramTau RingUS $14,400.00This light-catching cocktail ring will work the holiday circuit.
VenyxParrot Star Fish RingUS $6,943.00The fishtail shape is playful and totally unexpected.
VramSinc RingUS $6,800.00Go for gold.
VenyxAruna RingUS $9,750.00Named for (and inspired by) the mythological Hindu sun god.
HirotakaGossamer Short Diamond RingUS $890.00For a dose of edge.
Sara WeinstockReverie Open Diamond RingUS $6,270.00Yes, this Weinstock ring is a real show-stopper, but the dainty setting makes it understated.
HirotakaManta Spine RingUS $980.00Elegant and edge-driven.
Sophie RatnerPave Apex RingUS $670.00Celestial and subdued.
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