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Cloud7Felt Doggy-Do Bag$42.00Note the soft felt fabric and handy hook.
Cloud7Felt Dog Toy Bone$39.00Comes with an extra-fun squeaker inside to keep your pup busy for hours on end.Sold Out
Cloud7Felt Dog Toy Cone$46.00The bubblegum-pink tail is extra cute.
Cloud7Brooklyn Waterproof Dog Coat$116.00Great for the city dog—waterproof on the outside, with soft fleece on the inside.
GEORGELittle Peanut Butter Men$15.00Locally baked in Mill Valley, they’re shaped like peanuts and make for tasty training treats.
GEORGELittle Bacon/Parmesan Bones$11.00Made right here in the USA from a mix of organic oats, bacon, and aged parmesan.Sold Out
From the Field Freddy's Feather Wand Cat Toy$8.00Makes for endless entertainment (not to mention exercise) for your kitties.
PetcubePetcube Bites$375.00This high-tech, two-way audio/speak HD camera also flings out treats on demand.
The Cat BallGreat White Shark Cat Bed$89.00It has two openings (for easy entrance) and there’s no built-in wiring, so it's super flexible.Sold Out
FabdogQuilted Shearling$58.00A puppy-sized puffer jacket (it even has adjustable Velcro straps).
FabdogPocket Cable Knit$45.00A cuddly cable-knit sweater made miniature for your pooch.
FabdogFisherman Sweater$45.00Note the fuss-free pull-on construction. Bonus points: it’s machine washable.
FabdogInfinity Scarf$20.00In fire-engine-red, it makes for a pretty great gift for your pup (or the dog lover on your list).Sold Out
Cloud7Tweed Travel Bed$100.00Easily folds up so you can pack it in a suitcase.
Doca PetLightning Bandana$20.00Comes in a square shape that can be folded over and knotted around your pup’s neck.
Doca PetSeersucker Bandana$24.00This puppy bandana is perfectly preppy thanks to the grey-and-white seersucker print.
Doca PetZz Dog Bed$239.00Ideal for snoozing thanks to the fluffy hypoallergenic polyfill.
Harry Barker Blue Rope Bone$12.00Perfectly sized for puppies, this toy bone is made from 100-percent recycled cotton roped yarns.
Harry Barker Pink Rope Bone$10.00Perfectly sized for puppies, this toy bone is made from 100-percent recycled cotton roped yarns.Sold Out
Harry Barker Red Rope Tug & Toss$10.00A dog’s dream, this red knotted-rope toy is extra durable for even the most persistent chewers.
Harry Barker Green Rope Tug & Toss$8.00A dog’s dream, this green knotted-rope toy is extra durable for even the most persistent chewers.
Max BoneMeeko Half-Tone Tepee$160.00Miniature-sized for your pooch and takes about a minute to set-up—a total no-brainer.Sold Out
Max BoneThomas Knit Jumper$65.00Great for the colder months, it even protects the house from excess shedding.
Found My Animal Ombré Rope Dog Leash$62.00Made in Brooklyn, it has a handy clip that latches onto anything or secures to trees (worry-free).
Found My Animal Ombré Cat & Dog Rope Collar$56.00Note the adorable “found” dog tag that you could get engraved and give as a gift.
Found My Animal Plaid Cat & Dog Collar$48.00The classic buffalo plaid wool-blend has the holidays written all over it.
Found My Animal Plaid Rope Dog Leash$62.00This durable dog leash is hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull.Sold Out
Found My Animal Collapsible Cat & Dog Water Bowl$36.00It's collapsible by design and weightless, so you can stash it in your bag.
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