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PogliaAnvil Paper Weight$88.00$35.00This anvil paperweight is a play on one of the most-used pieces in Italian designer Max Poglia’s workshop, used for forging knives.
Mud AustraliaRound Porcelain Vase$153.00$61.00This is tall and narrow, so heavy flowers won't flop over the edges—it's also great next to the stove for wooden spoons and spatulas.
Mud AustraliaPorcelain Round Jug$24.00$10.00Equipped with a spout for convenient pouring, these little jugs were designed to hold cream for coffee and tea.
Mud AustraliaPorcelain Pebble Bowl$38.00$15.00These itty-bitty bowls are a game-changer when it comes to the classic charcuterie plate, as they're an excellent corralling mechanism for nuts and olives.
Lue BrassJapanese Brass Double Ended Spoon & Fork Set$120.00$48.00This set of five brass spoon/fork hybrids is essentially an elevated take on the "sporks" of our youth.
Stuart CareyFlared Serving Jug$105.00$42.00London-based Stuart Carey makes the most exquisite ceramic serving ware, including this serving bowl for anything from purees, fruit salads, to side sauces.
Murchison-Hume x goopclean kit$29.00$12.00
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