The Dreamer Gift Guide

They may kick your butt at Scrabble, but at least you can gift on their level. Here, a medley of genius gifts geared towards the thinkers, scholars, and modern-day savants.
27 items in The Dreamer
Native UnionDOCK for Apple Watch, Marble Edition$120.00Part-objet d’art, part charging-dock.
AreawarePrism Magnifier$28.00Made from glass crystal, this handy magnifier renders image and text at 1.5x the actual size.
AreawareGradient Puzzle$20.00Ombré all day.
Sun PotionAshwagandha$36.00An excellent tonic for immune health, sexual vitality, and harmonized mood.
Moon JuiceBrain Dust$38.00Alchemized to align you with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement.
(wh) ORE HAüS STUDIOSBrass & Leather Bookmark$125.00The most luxurious bookmark we’ve ever seen.Sold Out
SpeaquaThe Barnacle + Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker$65.00Not only does it float, it’s made to function in water and stores up to 4GB of your favorite songs.
JvdFJoint Case$45.00This covert compact comes in a sleek, unassuming matte enamel casing.
Paper Chase PressGotcha Book$45.00Perfect for the politics-buff/activist in your life.Sold Out
Graf & LantzZabuton Seat Pillow$75.00Perfect for the home office, name it.
Sun PotionMucuna Pruriens$36.00This may support mood, brain function, and overall wellbeing.
The School Of Life100 Questions Game$30.00Roll the dice and break the ice; this game is great for big groups.
HayLaptop Brush$25.00The simple solution to your dusty keyboard and screen.Sold Out
Juniper BooksJames Joyce Set$125.00A portrait of the artist as a three-volume illustrated set.Sold Out
The School Of LifeKnow Yourself Playing Cards$15.00Hey, you.
AssoulineThe Proust Questionnaire$50.00Parlor game, strong.Sold Out
RSVP Paris Leather Portfolio$468.00Understated yet luxurious, this portfolio-slash-document-holder works overtime as a sleek clutch.Sold Out
RIF6CUBE Mobile Projector$300.00Because who says a TV has to live on your living-room wall?Sold Out
The School Of LifeThe Confessions Card Game$30.00Guaranteed gathered-around-the-fire laughs, conversation (even a little debate).
SchatziiLED Laptop & Reading Light$15.00Especially handy for typing on the plane or reading at night. Bonus points: no batteries required.Sold Out
SchatziiEasy-Key Wireless Waterproof Keyboard$60.00Not only is it wireless and waterproof, but it’s great for travel and folds up effortlessly.
Pico PaoBeech Wood Poker Set$45.00Note the beautiful beechwood casing.Sold Out
The School Of LifeThe Thinker Game$15.00A guess-who game, for intellectuals/nerds.
Pico PaoClassic Backgammon Set$98.00Classic, good ol’ fashioned fun that never goes out of style.Sold Out
mininchTool Pen Full Set, Imperial Edition$75.00Works like a pen and fits neatly in a small drawer.Sold Out
TRNTBLWireless Record Player$500.00Luxe, wireless, and contemporary. (Did we mention how chic it looks in gold-on-white?)Sold Out
CraighillJack Puzzle$95.00Both a cool decorative piece, paperweight, or just a fun (albeit challenging) distraction.Sold Out
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