The Health Nut Gift Guide

From techie riffs on the traditional good-for-you’s to goop shop OG’s (hey, Elvie!), below, something for both the die-hard health-enthusiasts and the wellness newbies.
59 items in The Health Nut
goop Wellnessgoopglow$60.00 / $55.00 with subscriptionDrink your way to glowing skin with a power shot of antioxidants.Free Gift
Lingua Franca x goopShaman Says Sweater$400.00As cute and giftable as they come.
LNDRStar Bra & Legging Gift Set$215.00Stars and stripes.
May LindstromThe Facial Treatment Bowl$40.00Handmade in L.A. by designer Melissa Brown exclusively for May Lindstrom, this clay bowl is the perfect vessel for mixing facial treatments and masques.Sold Out
May LindstromThe Problem Solver Correcting Masque$100.00A potent, healing, breakout-fighting miracle mask.
May LindstromThe Facial Treatment Brush$30.00Use with Lindstrom's facial treatment bowl for an incredible ritual.
GlacceClear Quartz Bottle$80.00This gorgeous water bottle is made with clear quartz crystal to infuse water with positive energy.Sold Out
GlacceRose Quartz Bottle$80.00This gorgeous water bottle is made with rose quartz crystal to infuse water with positive energy.Sold Out
GlacceAmethyst Bottle$84.00This gorgeous water bottle is made with amethyst crystal to infuse water with positive energy.Sold Out
MuseMeditation Band$249.99When your mind starts to wander, soothing nature sounds gently guide you back to a meditative state.
ReebokClassic Nylon Sneaker$60.00For mommy...
GlacceSmoky Quartz Bottle$80.00This gorgeous water bottle is made with smoky quartz crystal to infuse water with positive energy.
SchatziiFirefly Running & Biking Lights$25.00This lightweight light clips onto the heels of your shoes to illuminate your feet in a neon green.
GoopIn Goop Health Gift Card$650.00Give the goopiest gift of them all—a ticket to our next wellness summit on January 27th in NYC.Sold Out
Hemsley + Hemsleythe spiralizer$65.00 The Spiralizer's claim to fame is effortlessly turning fresh veggies (cucumber, carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash…) into spirals or noodles, the backbone of so many great recipes.
Schmidt'sJasmine Tea Sensitive Skin Deodorant Stick$11.00The goop-loved holy grail of deodorant--in a special baking soda-free formula for people with sensitive skin.
Coral ClarkKeep It Clean Pouch$60.00Perfectly sized to stash all your clean beauty essentials.
VitruviStone Diffuser$119.00Steam punk.
VitruviPink Grapefruit Essential Oil$10.00Uplifting, rejuvenating pink grapefruit oil can be used to treat skin, body and mind.
VitruviLavender Essential Oil$15.00100% organic lavender oil, harvested fresh from the high alpine fields of France.
VitruviEucalyptus Essential Oil$10.00Indispensable during cold season.
Vintner's DaughterActive Botanical Serum$185.00This is a skin-transforming oil, thanks to an infusion of 22 of the world’s most active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils.
May LindstromThe Blue Cocoon$180.00A deeply luxurious, miracle-working pale-blue balm that transforms irritated skin.Sold Out
MatchafulRitual Tea Set$95.00This set, packaged in a gorgeous, highly giftable 100% bamboo box, has everything you need to make the perfect cup of matcha.
Chalait TeaReserve: Limited Release Matcha$60.00Made in Japan, this tea tastes nutty, with subtle hints of florals and seaweed.
IncausaLarge Standard Singing Bowl Set$185.00Everything you need to help your meditation practice, in one beautiful bundle.Sold Out
CocoflossCocofloss$8.00Strong, flexible, and minty-fresh, this transforms a chore into a pleasure.
Ursa MajorEssential Face Wipes$24.00A miracle cleanser infused into individually-wrapped face wipes.
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