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fruitsuper designBrass Lift Coaster Set of 4US $68.00These brass coasters are meant to serve as elegant boosters for delicate glassware.
SeraxCopper Chemistry CarafeUS $45.00A wide copper band turns a simple glass carafe into an art piece that just happens to function as a pitcher.
SeraxCopper Chemistry GlassUS $22.00In true Serax fashion, a simple water glass is made extra-special with the addition of a wide copper band.
HarioCopper Pour Over KettleUS $192.00The spout’s slender gooseneck shape allows for extreme precision (especially when paired with the matching copper dripper).
The New Craftsmen x Ernest Wright & SonGold Handle Floral ScissorsUS $72.00The blades are made from sturdy, hardened carbon steel, and equipped with a rose thorn notch for thorn removal along with a stem crusher.Sold Out
SKULTUNASolid Brass Napkin RingsUS $52.00Shimmering, polished brass napkin rings add an instant touch of glam to any dinner table.
Graf LantzDuo Wine CarrierUS $128.00A bestseller from last year's guides.
goop FragranceScented Candle: Edition 01 – ChurchUS $72.00A scent of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.
UMAWellness Oil KitUS $40.00The box is so beautiful, you barely need wrapping.
OlverumBath OilUS $52.00Heaven in a bath: Lavender, Siberian fir needle, verbena, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, geranium, and rosemary.Sold Out
SNOWE x goopRosé Party SetUS $165.00#YesWayRosé
Nude Glass Whiskey Decanter SetUS $160.00Sleek and simple.
goop FragranceScented Candle: Edition 02 - ShisoUS $72.00A scent of cool air, pale sun, new life unfurling on the forest floor.
Simon HasanWrap DecanterUS $270.00This chic wine decanter is handmade in Simon Hasan’s studio—he even tans the leather by hand.
Coltellerie Berti for MATCHWhite Insieme Cheese Knives, Set of 3US $425.00A set of three cheese knives, handmade in the Tuscan countryside, presented in a gorgeous wooden gift box.
RBT DecanterUS $100.00This three-piece decanter is brilliantly designed to effortlessly filter and aerate your wine.
BIDK Home Marble Plate With Brass InlayUS $42.00A brass-detailed display plate made of the same marble used to build the Taj Mahal.
BIDK Home Marble & Brass Single-Bottle Wine CoolerUS $68.00A brass-detailed wine-bottle cooler moonlights as a flower vase.
Paper Crane ApothecaryChill Child - Kid Calming MistUS $27.00
Morrow Parker Throw BlanketUS $325.00The softest, warmest, coziest blanket ever, made of baby alpaca wool—softer than cashmere, warmer and more durable than regular wool.Sold Out
goop FragranceScented Candle: Edition 03 - IncenseUS $72.00A scent of spirit-clearing smoke, mystical resins, forbidden spices, and holy woods.
Paper Crane ApothecaryPsychic Vampire Repellent US $27.00
Paper Crane ApothecaryClean Slate US $27.00
FS ObjectsTall Cone Spindle Candle HolderUS $105.00A chic objet d’art.
FS ObjectsMedium Cone Spindle Candle HolderUS $100.00A glamorous addition to any tablescape.
FS ObjectsTall Dome Spindle Candle HolderUS $105.00An elegant accent to any tablescape.Sold Out
FS ObjectsMedium Dome Spindle Candle HolderUS $100.00Double up, or mix and match with varying heights.
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