The Home Detox Guide

Because a little green can go a long way—below, a small-but-mighty step in the right direction towards cutting down waste and keeping your home (truly) clean.
60 items in Home
Dot and Army Cotton Sandwich Wrap, Set of 3$32.00These adorably printed sandwich wraps make ditching the plastic baggies easy.
Dot and Army Cotton Bowl Covers, Set of 6$62.00Fantastic for covering up doughs, sauces, even leftovers.
Dot and Army Linen Napkin Bundle, Set of 6, 18"$48.00The colorful trimming makes them an easy pick for entertaining.
Blisshaus x goopgoop Essential Pantry Set$335.00A brilliant, no-waste, clean, BPA-free kitchen storage and organizational system—a must for any clean kitchen.
Millie LottieEtta Food & Picnic Tote, Medium$210.00Note the extra-wide opening to keep all your gourmet dishes perfectly upright.
Millie LottieEva Signature Food & Picnic Tote, Large$300.00The kind of tote you’ll rely on for picnics, potlucks, beach days, and beyond.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Large Produce Bag$22.00A zero-waste alternative to plastic bags for fresh produce—what’s not to love?
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Dish Cloths, Set of 8$26.00Eco-friendly, reusable, washable, and convenient to use around the house.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels, Set of 12$32.00The sustainable solution to countertop spills and kitchen clean-ups—bonus: they’ll last for years.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Coffee Filters, Chemex 8-Cup, Set of 2$18.00Because coffee filters can be sustainable, too.
GoopGoop Zero Waste Starter Kit $115.00Not sure where to begin? Clean up your cabinets with this sustainable starter kit.
AarkeStainless Steel Sparkling Water Maker$200.00Push the lever until you hear it buzz, and then voilà—fizzy water at your fingertips.
Onyx Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 4$12.00This fantastic plastic alternative is great for the movies, concerts, picnics, you name it.
Onyx Stainless Steel Drink Cubes, Set of 6$40.00The non-diluting alternative to ice cubes.
Onyx Stainless Steel Ice Pack$14.00Stick it in a lunchbox, throw it in a cooler, or use it to soothe sore muscles.
Onyx Stainless Steel Clips$20.00Chip clips just got a whole lot chicer.
D'EcoStainless Steel Tumbler$22.00BPA-free and insulated, so it’s great for sipping hot teas or cold smoothies on the go.
Box AppetitStainless Steel Water Bottle$14.00Fantastic for moments on the run—be it hiking, biking, driving—you name it.
Box AppetitStainless Steel Travel Mug$28.00Ergonomically designed and particularly handy for sipping-on-the-go.
Hawkins New YorkSmall Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid $35.00Fantastic for storing your grains or as a chic bathroom storage vessel.
Hawkins New YorkMedium Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid $40.00Great for keeping your grains, rice, or quinoa neatly organized and stored in a kitchen cabinet.
Hawkins New YorkLarge Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid$45.00Buy in bulk and get those kitchen cabinets organized.
Tincture London100% Natural All-Surface Cleaner Set $32.00Everything you need for a “clean” household.
Tincture London100% Natural All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner Set$32.00For easy bathroom clean-ups, this set of 100-percent natural cleaners get the job done.
Andree JardinDish Kit$32.00Everything you could ever need for squeaky clean dishes (minus the soap).
Tangent Garment CareFabric Softener$22.00Aloe vera (instead of the serious toxins in most fabric softeners) leaves clothes luxuriously smooth, soft, and touchable.
Tangent Garment CareFine Wash$22.00Specially formulated for wool, silk, mohair, down, cashmere, and everything else you're nervous about throwing in the wash.
Common GoodLaundry Detergent: Lavender$19.00This is ultra-concentrated, so you’ll get a full 48 loads out of the 32-ounce bottle.
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