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Blisshaus x goopgoop Essential Pantry SetUS $335.00A brilliant, no-waste, clean, BPA-free kitchen storage and organizational system—a must for any clean kitchen.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Produce Bag SetUS $38.00This 100% organic cotton alternative to plastic bags lets you store and keep produce fresher, longer.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Dish Cloths, Set of 8US $26.00Eco-friendly, reusable, washable, and convenient to use around the house.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels, Set of 12US $32.00The sustainable solution to countertop spills and kitchen clean-ups—bonus: they’ll last for years.
Onyx Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 4US $12.00This fantastic plastic alternative is great for the movies, concerts, picnics, you name it.
Onyx Stainless Steel Drink Cubes, Set of 6US $40.00The non-diluting alternative to ice cubes.
Onyx Stainless Steel Ice PackUS $14.00Stick it in a lunchbox, throw it in a cooler, or use it to soothe sore muscles.
Onyx Stainless Steel ClipsUS $20.00Chip clips just got a whole lot chicer.
Hawkins New YorkSmall Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid US $35.00Fantastic for storing your grains or as a chic bathroom storage vessel.
Hawkins New YorkMedium Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid US $40.00Great for keeping your grains, rice, or quinoa neatly organized and stored in a kitchen cabinet.
Hawkins New YorkLarge Glass Storage Container with Oak LidUS $45.00Buy in bulk and get those kitchen cabinets organized.
Tincture London100% Natural All-Surface Cleaner Set US $32.00Everything you need for a “clean” household.
Andree JardinDish KitUS $32.00Everything you could ever need for squeaky clean dishes (minus the soap).
Tangent Garment CareFine WashUS $22.00Specially formulated for wool, silk, mohair, down, cashmere, and everything else you're nervous about throwing in the wash.
Los PoblanosLavender SachetUS $8.00A sachet of organic lavender to stash in a closet, a deep coat pocket, and under our pillow.
Andree JardinTable Brush and Dustpan Set US $42.00Kitchen cleanups made chic.
RIG-TIG by SteltonButterboxUS $34.00Keeps butter soft but not melty on the countertop and fresh in the fridge, too.
Onyx Sauce ContainerUS $6.00The leak-proof solution to salad dressing, salsa, and condiments on-the-go.
Onyx Medium 2-Layer Sandwich BoxUS $12.00The chicest, least wasteful way possible to pack a lunch.
Onyx Divided Airtight Food Storage ContainerUS $30.00An airtight, divided food container made of sleek stainless steel.
Onyx 16 cm Airtight ContainerUS $20.00This large food container is made of stainless steel and comes with an airtight cover.
Onyx 14 cm Airtight ContainerUS $18.00In stainless steel, this medium-sized food container is sleek, airtight, and lasts forever.
Onyx 12 cm Airtight ContainerUS $16.00A small, stainless-steel food container with an airtight cover for supreme freshness.
Onyx Two-Layer Tiffin Food Storage ContainerUS $26.00Keeps the hot stuff hot, and the cold stuff cold.
StasherReusable Half Gallon Storage Bag US $20.00A reusable, non-toxic solution for fridge storage, marinades, you name it.
StasherReusable Sandwich BagUS $12.00Found: A reusable, non-toxic, silicone sandwich bag that’s endlessly practical.Sold Out
MorihataKishu Binchotan Charcoal (1/4 lb)US $16.00Sold Out
SOMA10-Cup Water PitcherUS $39.00Besides the BPA-free plastic, it has a plant-based filtration system and the lid automatically opens.
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