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The Wellness Junkie

vitruvi x goopgoop Exclusive Stone DiffuserUS $119.00Our favorite diffuser, now in a goop-exclusive French grey.Exclusive
vitruvi x goopThe Goop BundleUS $100.00Four essential scents in one custom set.Exclusive
Hidrate Inc.Hidrate Spark 2.0US $45.00The blinking light helps you meet your daily hydration goal.
goop x CB2Sedona Large Zabuton Floor PillowUS $230.00Note the handle for easy carrying.
Sasawashi Sasawashi Sneaker Socks (Unisex)US $24.00The nose knows.
Sleepscore LabsSleepScore MaxUS $150.00A high-tech sensor to track how well—and how much—you sleep.
MorihataCeremonial Matcha Starter Set US $128.00Tea lovers, meet your matcha.
goop WellnessGOOPGENESUS $95.00 / US $86.00 with subscriptionA delicious, vanilla-infused daily dose to support healthy smooth skin.
CAP BeautyHigh Vibrational BeautyUS $28.00Beautifully photographed, easy to follow, and absolutely delicious.
goopRose Quartz Soothing Face-Massage RollerUS $45.00TO WAKE UP SKIN: The cooling, soothing power of rose quartz crystal.
goop BodyG.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub ShampooUS $42.00FOR CLARIFYING/ALL HAIR TYPES: This unique whipped shampoo purifies and detoxifies all at once.
goop PressThe Food TherapistUS $27.00Because we can all benefit from a session with The Food Therapist.
G. SportPuff-Sleeve TeeUS $75.00For barre, brunch, and beyond.
G. SportCutout Crop TopUS $85.00Full-coverage business in the front, breezy party in the back.
TangramSmart Rope PUREUS $64.00Counts your jumps in real time.
May LindstromThe Problem Solver Correcting MasqueUS $100.00A miracle mask designed to help soothe breakouts.
Kahina Giving BeautyMoroccan Rose Beldi SoapUS $46.00A traditional Moroccan beauty staple—made of saponified olive oil and damask rose—that feels and smells fantastic.
Tracy Anderson MethodTracy Anderson Workout TrioUS $55.00Welcome to the #TAmily.
Kahina Giving BeautyKessa MittUS $14.00Beldi soap's best friend.
KuvingsWhole Slow Juicer ELITE C7000SUS $500.00Celery juice for all.
ÜlloÜllo + DecanterUS $150.00Filters out sulfates, sediments, and aerates, too.
goop BodyG.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath SoakUS $35.00ULTIMATE BATH SALTS: Cleanses the body after the stresses of daily life.
The Organic PharmacyDetox Body OilUS $68.00ENERGIZING BODY OIL: This invigorating body oil enlivens and deeply nourishes skin.
goop WellnessWhy Am I So Effing Tired?US $90.00 / US $75.00 with subscription"No matter how much sleep I get, I still feel exhausted."
Apparatus Censer Incense BurnerUS $820.00A beautiful sculpture with a purpose.
goop BodyG.Nite Bedtime Bath SoakUS $35.00The answer to restless, sleepless nights.
goop BodyG.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body ScrubUS $40.00FOR EXFOLIATING: Leaves behind a velvety-smooth feel and a subtle, beautiful scent.
Everyday OilEveryday OilUS $48.00A super-nourishing, does-it-all oil that smells fantastic.
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