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VitruviStone DiffuserUS$119.00Steam punk.
VitruviEucalyptus Essential OilUS$13.00Indispensable during cold season.
VitruviGrove Essential Oil BlendUS$26.00A grounding mix of pine, spruce, fir, and cedarwood, this essential oil blend smells a bit like a misty hike through the woods.Sold Out
VitruviDusk Essential Oil BlendUS$26.00A calming blend of organic essential oils inspired by night in the desert.Sold Out
UMAPure CalmUS$85.00This aromatherapeutic oil instantly relaxes, restores, and soothes body and mind.
UMAPure EnergyUS$85.00Invigorating rosemary and peppermint make a great caffeine alternative.Sold Out
Tata HarperAromatic Bedtime TreatmentUS$60.00This calms an overactive mind and helps lull you to sleep.
Tata HarperAromatic Irritability TreatmentUS$65.00An on-the-go treatment that instantly dispels irritation.
Tata HarperAromatic Stress TreatmentUS$80.00This deeply calming combo will chill even the most frantic overachiever.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - LoveUS$45.00Laced with aphrodisiac properties, this home spray is uplifting and stimulating.
SandovalAromatic Concentrate in CaptainUS$60.00This home spray enhances feelings of protection and serenity.
SandovalAromatic Concentrate in WoodUS$60.00A crisply woodsy home spray that evokes feelings of a forest.
NaturopathicaInspire Aromatic AlchemyUS$29.00Used for centuries in Nordic countries to rejuvenate the senses.
NaturopathicaAromatic Alchemy Gift SetUS$98.00A collection of four of Naturopathica’s signature aromatic blends.
NaturopathicaChill Aromatic AlchemyUS$29.00This helps soothe anxious thoughts and promotes deep rest.
Addition StudioEssential Oil BurnerUS$181.00A chic, brilliantly adjustable essential oil diffuser.
Paper Crane ApothecaryChill Child - Kid Calming MistUS$27.00For chilling out the kids, this rosewater and Reiki crystal-infused aromatherapy mist is incredible.Sold Out
SandovalAromatic Concentrate in LoveUS$60.00Subtle, gorgeous, and made with therapeutic-grade neroli, ylang ylang, vetiver, and patchouli essential oils.
UMAWellness Oil KitUS$40.00Because in-laws.Sold Out
Cinnamon Projects4PM Incense US$30.00Four incredible-smelling, Japanese-style, aromatic incense sticks to choose from.
UMAPure BlissUS$85.00A balancing, uplifting, de-stressing essential oil blend.
VitruviPacific Essential Oil BlendUS$26.00This energizing blend of organic essential oils smells gorgeously beachy.Sold Out
de MamielAltitude OilUS$44.00An inhalation essence that fully transforms the in-flight experience.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - CaptainUS$45.00Made with West Indies-inspired notes, this is relaxing and calming.
Paper Crane ApothecaryClean Slate US$27.00Nothing but good vibes courtesy of this energy-cleansing aromatic mister.Sold Out
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