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Smile MakersThe Millionaire$49.95Meet the Millionaire—a super-smooth silicone vibrator with 4 speeds.
Smile MakersThe Frenchman$49.95Meet The Frenchman—a super-smooth vibrator that comes in a flexible shape.
Smile MakersThe Fireman$49.95Meet The Fireman, a candle-shaped, battery-powered, and blessedly quiet vibrator.
Smile MakersThe Tennis Coach$49.95Meet The Tennis Coach, a strategically shaped vibrator.
LELOTor 2$139.00This six-speed couples cock ring is super-sleek and intensifies pleasure for both partners.Sold Out
LELOLUNA Beads$59.00These vibrating Kegel balls gently vibrate to train your pelvic floor, encouraging stronger orgasms.
DAMEEva II$135.00A hands-free vibrator that’s as great for couples as it is for solo players.
ElvieElvie Trainer$199.00Strengthen your pelvic floor with gamified exercises.
UnboundJelly$16.00A water-based lubricant that’s sex-toy and condom-safe.
Province ApothecaryLover's Kit$34.00Full sizes of Sex Oil (a gorgeous organic lube) and Lover’s Oil (incredible for massages), all in one place.
Province ApothecaryLover's Oil$32.00A mix of rose—one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs—plus ylang-ylang, bergamot, and sage.
Province ApothecarySex Oil$28.00Need we say more?
SustainLubricated Ultra Thin Condoms - 10 Pack$14.00Condoms we can all feel good about.
SustainCondom Variety Gift Set$29.00Nontoxic, fair-trade, vegan-friendly, lubricated latex condoms in a cute zip-up pouch.
goopRose Quartz Egg$55.00Used by women to increase sexual energy—this yoni egg is made of heart-activating rose quartz, associated with positive energy and love.
goopJade Egg$66.00Used by women to increase sexual energy—this yoni egg is made of nephrite jade stone, meant to promote health and pleasure.
SliquidOrganics Natural Gel 4.2 oz$15.00The same totally clean formula, made thicker to stay put.
SliquidOrganics Natural 4.2 oz$14.00Smooth, soothing, easy to wipe off, stain-free—and totally clean.
CraveVesper Vibrator Necklace$149.00A discreet vibrator masquerading as a 24-karat gold-plated, stainless-steel necklace.Sold Out
Betony VernonMARABOU PLEASURE PUFF RING$673.00A delicate feather tickler that turns into a cocktail ring outside of the bedroom.
Betony VernonO RING BAND (LARGE)$800.00Symbolic of the most intimate bond—and convertible, in the best possible way.
Betony VernonDOUBLE SPHERE MASSAGE RING$795.00A sensual massage tool that doubles as a statement ring.
Betony VernonBenWa Balls Ø2$885.00Strengthen your kegels and have a better orgasm all at once.
Betony VernonMINI CUFF + SADO-CHIC CHAIN MINI + O’R MINI$1,505.00This three-in-one jewelry set doubles as a plaything in the bedroom.
Kiki de MontparnasseLace Veil$250.00Pro tip: Wear it over the eyes (or lips) and let the other senses pick up the slack.
Paper Crane ApothecaryEverlasting Love$27.00This mist blends aphrodisiac essential oils and crystal-infused water to encourage love to flow in your life.Sold Out
Kiki de MontparnasseRestraint Tape$40.00For living out your BDSM fantasies.
goop PressThe Sex Issue$26.00This series of intimate, serious conversations with experts we trust comes with plenty of funny anecdotes and real-life wisdom, too.
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