Between The Sheets

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goopRose Quartz Egg$55.00Made of heart-activating rose quartz—associated with positive energy and love—this yoni egg is for advanced practitioners; if you've seen results with the jade egg, this is next-level practice.
SliquidOrganics Natural Gel 4.2 oz$15.00The same totally clean formula, made thicker to stay put.
goopJade Egg$66.00Used by women to increase sexual energy, health, and pleasure, this nephrite jade stone is the yoni egg to begin your rejuvenating practice with.
SliquidOrganics Natural 4.2 oz$13.00Smooth, soothing, easy to wipe off, stain-free—and totally clean.
Province ApothecaryLover's Oil$32.00A mix of rose—one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs—plus ylang-ylang, bergamot, and sage.
Province ApothecarySex Oil$28.00Need we say more?
Sun PotionMason Pine Pollen$55.00Wildcrafted mason pine pollen may support immunity, metabolism, and hormone balance.
ElviePelvic Floor Exercise Tracker$199.00Strengthen your pelvic floor with gamified exercises.
SustainLubricated Ultra Thin Condoms - 10 Pack$14.00Condoms we can all feel good about.
SustainCondom Variety Gift Set$29.00Nontoxic, fair-trade, vegan-friendly, lubricated latex condoms in a cute zip-up pouch.
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