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goopRose Quartz Egg$55.00Made of heart-activating rose quartz—associated with positive energy and love—this yoni egg is for advanced practitioners; if you've seen results with the jade egg, this is next-level practice.
goopJade Egg$66.00Used by women to increase sexual energy, health, and pleasure, this nephrite jade stone is the yoni egg to begin your rejuvenating practice with.
The Wild UnknownAnimal Spirit Tarot Bundle$50.00Get some cosmic insight into your life choices via this hand-illustrated tarot deck and guidebook.
Sacred CreatorsSacred Creators Oracle Set$44.00A tarot deck that helps you cultivate daily affirmations around the card you draw.
SerpentfireSerpentfire Tarot$50.00A beautifully illustrated, modern update on a classic 78-card tarot deck.
goopThe goop Medicine Bag$85.00Inspired by the Shaman’s medicine bag from various indigenous traditions, this (goop-exclusive) pouch holds magically charged stones: citrine, clear quartz, black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and chrysocolla (also known as The Goddess Stone).
goopEnergy Clearing Kit$195.00Clear out the old kinks, bring in the new.
FloracopeiaInner Star Mist$36.00
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