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SHE. Organic Tampons - 18 count$7.99These organic tampons are free of toxins—and are brilliant for light or heavy flows.
LunetteMenstrual Cup$40.00An alternative to pads and tampons (many of which are made with harmful chemicals), this body- and eco-friendly menstrual cup is BPA-free.
ElvieElvie Trainer$199.00Strengthen your pelvic floor with gamified exercises.
NatracareRegular Non-Applicator Tampon$7.00Without any of the toxins commonly used by major brands.
NatracareSuper Non-Applicator Tampon$7.00Made without any of the toxins commonly used by major brands, for heavier flows.
The Honest CompanySuper Plus Organic Cotton Tampons$7.00Same amazing applicator with an organic tampon made for max absorbency.Sold Out
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