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OPTPLoRox Aligned Foam RollerUS $51.95FOR BODY
MandukaGRP Yoga MatUS $98.00
MandukaAshley Mary Hot Yoga MatUS $92.00
MandukaBrent Broza Hot Yoga MatUS $92.00
SOMA x goopgoop Glass Water BottleUS $32.00For each purchase, a donation is made to the nonprofit group, Charity:Water.
Hidrate Inc.Hidrate Spark 2.0US $45.00The blinking light helps you meet your daily hydration goal.
Bala BanglesWeighted Wrist Bangles US $49.00One pound can make a world of difference.
MZ WallaceYoga Mat BagUS $125.00The exterior pocket is clutch.
BrazynMorph Collapsible Foam RollerUS $68.00Roll on the go.
goop x Henry Gregory Antiquesgoop Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Leather Rugby BallUS $120.00Ages as well as him.Exclusive
LarqThe LARQ Self-Cleaning BottleUS $95.00We repeat: It's a self-cleaning bottle.
GlacceClear Quartz BottleUS $80.00
GlacceRose Quartz BottleUS $80.00
GlacceAmethyst BottleUS $84.00
GlacceSmoky Quartz BottleUS $80.00
OPTPLoRox Infinity RollerUS $14.95Curves that hit all the right (and hard-to-reach) spots.
OPTPLoRox Aligned DomeUS $24.95Two is better than one.
OPTPLoRox Body SphereUS $19.95Have a ball.
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