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8-Cup Chemex Set

US $120.00

The eight-cup Chemex coffeemaker is hand-blown in small batches by highly skilled artisans in a process that’s gone completely unchanged in 70+ years due to its inherent perfection. The wood collar and leather tie around the neck of the vessel serve as a built-in insulated handle. In fact, so legendary is Chemex’s heat-resistant design, that it’s part of the permanent collections at MOMA, the Smithsonian, and many others.

Designed to fit all Chemex coffeemaker sizes, the hand-blown glass cover controls the coffee’s strength by keeping evaporation at bay. 

  • Includes coffeemaker and glass cover; CoffeeSock filter can be purchased separately here
  • Coffeemaker: Boroscillicate glass, wooden collar, rawhide and bead; Glass cover: Boroscillicate glass
  • Remove wooden collar to handwash or put in the dishwasher
    8-Cup Chemex Set

    8-Cup Chemex Set

    About the Brand

    A legend in both science and coffee-lover circles, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD. is believed to have created the purest coffee brewing system with his 1941 invention, the original Chemex coffee maker. Since then, production has been entrusted to an independent family operation in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where the small-batch craftsmanship of the elegant glass vessels and accessories has been kept exactly the same as it was 70+ years ago.