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Vintner's Daughter

Active Botanical Serum


It’s not surprising that this oil has a cult following. It’s an infusion of twenty-two of the world’s most active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils. Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, skin-firming phytoceramides, plus nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants stimulate cellular turnover, enhance elasticity, strengthen capillaries, inhibit melanin production, prevent wrinkles, and protect against free radicals. The revolutionary formula penetrates deeply, restoring moisture, clarity, smoothness, and glow to your skin.

  • 1 fl oz


Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada

About the Brand

April Garguilo’s foray into skincare started simply enough: After researching her favorite products on and realizing many of them were packed with toxins and fillers, the then-full-time vintner (her family owns a winery in the Napa Valley) started a side project: Creating a supremely effective face oil with no harmful ingredients. It took two years to develop the brand’s sole product, a luscious face oil packed with 22 of the world’s most active botanicals that really make a noticeable difference in your skin. (GP, famous makeup artists all over the world, and our beauty director Jean Godfrey-June are all huge fans.)