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Menu Denmark

Alabaster Circular Bowl

US $250.00US $75.00 Final Sale

As if the smooth-finished, cloud-like marbling wasn’t enough of a draw, this stunning king-sized bowl is as versatile as they come. Showcase it on the coffee table, prop it up on a bookshelf, use it around the kitchen as a pretty citrus vessel, or better yet on the dining room table as a chic centerpiece display. See? Options.

  • Alabaster
  • 13"x13"x1.2"
Alabaster Circular Bowl

Alabaster Circular Bowl

About the Brand

Design collective Menu Denmark works with almost 50 unique designers. Though each has their own independent style, they share the traditional values of Scandinavian design—simple shapes, muted colors, and, above all else, excellent functionality. The result is objects that are easy to live with and endure daily use for years without ever going out of style.