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The Wild Unknown

Animal Spirit Tarot Bundle

US $50.00US $15.00 Final Sale

  • Paperback guidebook, heavy-stock cards
  • 200 page guidebook; 63 tarot cards
Animal Spirit Tarot Bundle

Animal Spirit Tarot Bundle

About the Brand

Created by illustrator Kim Krans and musician Arjan Miranda, Portland’s The Wild Unknown is a wonderland filled with books, tarot decks, prints, and materials for rituals of all ilks. The brand also runs now-famous workshops on everything from tarot readings to how to interpret mystic truths—and they make some beautifully mystical stand-alone products. The bestselling, hand-drawn tarot-card deck is illustrated by Kraus herself; called Animal Spirit, it celebrates our connection to the animal kingdom in 63 stunning hand-drawn cards, plus a 200-page guidebook.