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The Wild Unknown

Animal Spirit Tarot Bundle

US $50.00

This beautiful tarot card deck, complete with 63 heavy-stock cards hand-illustrated by Kim Krans, offers insight into everything from behaviors and personal tendencies to relationships, as well as guidance through career/money issues, family matters, and whatever else is going on in your life’s orbit. Whether read on its own or used alongside the equally gorgeous tarot card deck, The Wild Unknown, this deck adds depth to any reading. It comes with a guidebook (written and illustrated by the same artist) complete with over 200 pages explaining the significance of each card—plus, a beginner’s guides on how to read them. (Read goop’s tarot story here for a Q&A with intuitive/shamanic healer, Colleen McCann.)

  • Paperback guidebook, heavy-stock cards
  • 200 page guidebook; 63 tarot cards

About the Brand

Created by illustrator Kim Krans and musician Arjan Miranda, Portland’s The Wild Unknown is a wonderland filled with books, tarot decks, prints, and materials for rituals of all ilks. The brand also runs now-famous workshops on everything from tarot readings to how to interpret mystic truths—and they make some beautifully mystical stand-alone products. The bestselling, hand-drawn tarot-card deck is illustrated by Kraus herself; called Animal Spirit, it celebrates our connection to the animal kingdom in 63 stunning hand-drawn cards, plus a 200-page guidebook.