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Annie Leibovitz: Portraits, Signed Edition

US $90.00

They say you haven’t made it until you’ve been photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Take this pretty page-turner, with a whopping 150 incredibly iconic photographs, as proof. The third in her series of glossy coffee table books, Portraits 2005 - 2016 is packed with diverse shots of the world’s most influential people—the Queen of England in her study, Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair, Scarlett Johansson scantily clad on a velvet couch—captured on film during a prolific period of time in her career. Bonus: It’s signed by Leibovitz herself.

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages

About the Brand

Phaidon is the premier global publisher for the creative arts known for their definitive tomes on artists and cultural movements. Their books are stunning visual treasures for the personal library filed in an exhaustive catalogue that ambitiously seeks to capture the scope of human creativity.