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Sun Potion


US $57.00

This extract from a traditional Taoist herb, astragalus, has been used for centuries in combination with other herbs to bolster wellness. It’s is best taken daily in small doses—and, if we may, even better taken as part of GP’s warming morning latte.

  • 2.8 oz


GP’s Warming Morning Latte

This spicy potion combines reishi (which may help promote the immune system and protect the body from environmental stressors), tocos (which may help promote healthy skin and helps the body detoxify), and astragalus (which may promote a healthy metabolism) to create a morning drink that actually helps your body detox.

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About the Brand

After traveling the planet for the purest, most transformative ingredients, Santa Barbara-based surfer Scott Linde—whose background in rolfing attuned him to the world of natural remedies—launched supplement brand Sun Potion. The health-supporting powders contain powerful blends of medicinal plants, adaptogenic mushrooms, algae, as well as other superfoods. They’re incredible mixed into smoothies, coffee, tea, water or anything you like.