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Bain de Pied

US $12.00

Made with the same exceptional wet-harvested French grey sea salt, wild-harvested seaweed, and green algae, plus steam-extracted essential oils that make Pursoma’s baths so powerful, this is the foot bath to end all foot baths. Deeply relaxing, the 20 minute soak recharges your entire system. We love one before bed for maximum overnight detox and replenishment, or as part of a softening, beautifying, super-energizing home pedicure. 

  • 2 oz

About the Brand

A serious detox for the entire body, Pursoma bath treatments target urban toxicity—exposure to EMFs, digital devices, pollution, and stress. The mineral content in the brand’s carefully-sourced French clay helps pull out impurities and replenishes the body with nutrients; ingredients like algae, sea salt, and ginger root make the treatments even more powerful. A single bath is transformative; definitely try one at the end of the day, when you can rest afterwards.