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Helen's Asian Kitchen

Bamboo Steamer 12" 3-piece Set

US $36.00

In a substantial size ideal for dinner parties, these bamboo steamers are perfect for steam-cooking or reheating virtually any food—dumplings, cuts of meat, chopped veggies, and even desserts. It’s a healthy alternative to cooking with oils, and can even revive the juiciness of dried-out leftovers. Handmade of 100% bamboo, they look great served directly from wok to table; plus, it only takes a gentle hand-washing to keep them clean.

  • 100% bamboo
  • Length: 12", Width: 12", Height: 6.25"; Lid: 1.75"; 2.63" per section

How to Use

Food should not be placed directly in the bamboo steamer without a plate (if the food is marinated, such as fish and meat) or parchment liner (if food is dry, such as buns and dumplings) and allow at least 1-inch space between the sides of the plate and the sides of the steamer.