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Balmyard Beauty

Beauty Bush Bath - 6 Pack


Based on the Jamaican healing  tradition of a “bush bath”, where  practitioners combine powerful herbs from the bush in a bath that actually happens deep in the bush or forest, this bath-tea soak is both supremely relaxing and seriously beautifying. Made with Caribbean-sourced herbs and flowers, like cerasee and Spanish needle, to calm inflammation and improve skin tone, it’s also designed to promote collagen production (translation: plumper, more youthful skin). Steep one bag in a bath as hot as you can handle, let the deeply luxurious aromatic botanicals clear your mind, and emerge with a serious glow.

  • 3.2 oz
  • Made in USA


Ships to

  • United States
  • Canada


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About the Brand

Fashion stylist Larissa Gunn’s deep love for and interest in the healing traditions of Jamaica inspired her to create a line of utterly original products, from the perfect lip and cheek balm to the sexiest scented oil and a pair of “Bush Baths”—botanical bath teas based on baths created by indigenous healers on the island. And the packaging has to be some of the coolest and prettiest we have ever seen.