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Westman Atelier

Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

US $75.00

Made with nourishing cocoa, mango-seed, and cupuaçu  butters and innovative pigment technology that mimics the colors in skin, this super flattering matte bronzer is softly luminous and glowy. The sun-kissed, back-from the-beach glow works on cheeks, brow bones, temples—anywhere the sun might hit. Use with the Powder Brush for flawless application.

  • .28oz
Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

About the Brand

World-famous makeup artist Gucci Westman has done more than simply create a makeup line: It’s clean and nontoxic, as high-performance as it gets (truly, the products will blow you away), and made with powerful natural skin-care ingredients to treat skin while enhancing it.