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Betony Vernon

BenWa Balls Ø22 mm

US $885.00

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Kill two birds (stronger kegels + better orgasms) with two stones: According to ancient wisdom, holding these marble-sized spheres inside the vagina strengthens the pelvic floor and intensifies pleasure all at once. They can be used during sex with a partner, to enhance masturbation, or in conjunction with kegels. However you choose to put them to use, they’ll deeply enhance the intensity of orgasms by effectively flexing the vaginal wall muscles. 

Disclaimer: Not intended for anal use. While men can attain similar benefits through the practice of similar exercises, these BenWa Balls are designed specifically for vaginal insertion alone.

  • Sterling silver
  • Diameter: 0.866''/ 22 mm
  • Made in Italy

About the Brand

Betony Vernon has made it her mission to help women and men experience greater sexual pleasure through her beautifully made body ornaments. Credited with coining the term sado-chic, her tasteful designs are the perfect combination of functional fine jewelry (delicate feather ticklers and massagers that double as cocktail rings) mixed with endlessly fun, erotic sexcessories (cuffs, chains, and Ben Wa balls) all of which come in luxurious sterling-silver, of course.