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Farmhouse Pottery

Board & Bow Set

US $175.00

For the perpetual sandwich maker or toast enthusiast, we give you: the most game-changing tool ever. Design-wise, it hovers somewhere between a saw and bow and arrow. All you need to do is glide the bow back and forth on your loaf when you’re ready to break bread and voila: perfectly even slices, every time. And that wooden cutting board is just plain pretty.

  • American hardwood (walnut)
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Bow: 17"
  • Board: 15"
  • Made in USA

About the Brand

Zoe and James Zilian launched their line of beautifully handmade, modern farm ceramics in 2008. Their charming designs draw inspiration from nature’s simplicity, found in frill-free, traditional forms meant to be passed down through the generations. Hand-thrown right in their Vermont workshop, each original stoneware “recipe” and organic milk-glazed finish on every one-of-a-kind bowl, plate, and mug is a testament to their deep respect for the time-honored craft.