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Brass Mister

US $30.00

This adorable little polished-brass can has an easy press plunger for gently misting delicate plants, or for spraying light amounts of water directly onto the soil of plants like succulents, cacti, air plants, etc. that don’t require much water.

  • Brass
  • 10 oz capacity
  • Made in UK
Brass Mister

Brass Mister

About the Brand

For 130 years, the brass medallion on each Haws watering can has represented the best in traditional British craftsmanship. Sparingly updated since 1886, the cans are still made by hand to produce a product confident enough to ensure a ten-year warranty. For those who take chrysanthemums and hydrangeas seriously, Haws is fundamental to a well-kept garden or indoor-plant collection.