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Drunk Elephant

c-firma day serum

US $80.00

A high-tech antioxidant powerhouse of vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, pumpkin ferment extract and marula oil to help it all penetrate, this serum is an everyday essential for all skin types. It supercharges SPF by helping prevent UV damage and fighting free radicals, hydrates all day intensively, and promotes collagen production. Bonus: consistent use leaves your skin gorgeously soft and glowy.

  • 30 ml

About the Brand

Tiffany Masterson’s super-effective skincare draws on the natural power of marula oil, derived from the African marula tree. That’s also where the brand gets its adorable name—according to African legend, elephants eat marula fruit and become drunk as it ferments inside their enormous bellies. Masterson’s formulas work beautifully on all skin types, and the neon-spiked packaging is playful and sleek all at once.