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True Botanicals

Cellular Repair Serum, RENEW


This deeply potent elixir sinks in deep to repair, restore, and revitalize skin from the inside out. It’s a super-effective concentration of skin-repairing ingredients from ceramides to maintain skin’s natural moisture-retaining barrier, antioxidants and enzymes to restore glow and plumpness, to proprietary collagen-boosting, bioactive peptides from fermented algae, seaweed, and tripeptide 29, that help even out skin tone. Mix in a little Vitamin C Booster with this serum for a brighter, firmer, more even complexion.

  • 1 oz
  • Made in USA


Ships to

United States
United Kingdom

About the Brand

This beautiful line began with friends Hilary Peterson and Christina Mace-Turner’s dismay over the rampant toxins in and non-regulation of conventional beauty products; the two envisioned a luxurious and turbocharged skincare line that didn’t compromise health. The result, incredibly nourishing, super-concentrated bio-active formulas that include luscious shampoos and conditioners, and an extensive, super-effective lineup of skincare that works for every skin type, from the blemish-prone to those looking to age gracefully and relatively line-lessly, and more.