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Anne Sisteron

Chain Link Light Ring

US $1,120.00

Made to order. Ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.

A scaled-down version of a chain-link bracelet, this intricate ring is made from 14-karat yellow gold and inlaid with sparkling white diamonds. The best part? The sleek curved cradle in the back—it delivers 24/7 comfort, so no need to worry about taking it off for bed.

  • 14kt yellow gold, diamond
Chain Link Light Ring

Chain Link Light Ring

About the Brand

From the daintiest everyday chains and studs to statement-making cocktail rings and elaborate, shoulder-grazing earrings, Paris-born jeweler Anne Sisteron does it all in a way that’s simultaneously decadent and totally wearable. Her penchant for aesthetics comes from years traveling the world as a working model—and it’s her training as a gemologist and GIA diamond grader that balances the style with plenty of substance.