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Dandelion Chocolate

Chocolate Maker Kit

US $300.00

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The famed San Francisco chocolatiers gathered everything you need to be your own chocolate factory—cocoa beans, nibs, and pods; a heat gun and kitchen scale; a notebook to jot your recipes; and more—and organized it all in a smart wooden box that stores easily. A particularly fun gift for the home cook that wants to get the kids hooked on the hobby, too.

  • Included: 
    • Built-in sorting tray
    • Ready-to-roast cocoa beans from three origins
    • Organic cane sugar
    • Pre-roasted cocoa nibs
    • Cocoa butter
    • Vanilla bean
    • Eight inclusion ingredients
    • Demitasse spoon
    • Two chocolate molds
    • Heat gun
    • Kitchen scale
    • Silicone spatula
    • Dried cocoa pod
    • Starter Guide booklet
    • Blank notebook
Chocolate Maker Kit

Chocolate Maker Kit