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Cinnamon Projects

Circa Incense Burner

US $150.00

This gorgeous brass incense holder is a functional objet d’art—and a totally romantic way to set the mood with an air-cleansing, subtly gorgeous incense (we recommend Cinnamon Projects’s 7 AM Incense or 2 AM Incense).

  • 100% solid brass
  • Gift Box: Length: 6.75”, Width: 2”, Height: 1”; Incense Burner: Length: 4.75″, Width: 1.5″ 
  • Made in USA
Circa Incense Burner

Circa Incense Burner

About the Brand

Founder, Andrew Cinnamon and partner Charlie Stackhouse established Cinnamon Projects as a creative agency that helps nurture emerging artists and brands. We love their signature incense—an intoxicating blend of cypress, myrrh, sage, and oakmoss— just as much as the chic incense burners that hold them.