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Clary Sage Essential Oil

US $44.00

This organic essential oil, steam-distilled in France from the clary sage flower, is known as the "woman’s oil" for its power to soothe stressed nerves and agitated emotions (particularly related to hormonal cycles). Its scent evokes tea and wine, and is often used in massage oils to induce full-body relaxation; it has a cooling effect on red, irritated skin, too.

  • 0.5 oz

How to Use

Rub into the palms and inhale directly, or put several drops into a diffuser for an instant stress-relieving aromatherapy treatment. To use as a massage oil: Add a drop or two on sore spots, or just add it to your favorite massage oil for a little extra relaxation. Add a few drops to a bath for an aromatic, body-soothing, mood-lifting soak. For hot, red, irritated skin, mix several drops into facial or body cream; it soothes skin and helps to promote a smooth, clear complexion.