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Clasico Wide-Brim Hat

US $288.00US $173.00

Artesano’s hats are handmade to perfection. The classic silhouette, sleek white profile, and pretty navy-blue beaded ribbon mean you can wear this universally flattering design with essentially any outfit. Styled here with 9seed St Barts Cotton Low-Back Mini Dress.

  • 100% straw
  • Spot clean

About the Brand

Despite their name (and their popularity in Panama), Panama hats actually originated in Ecuador, where skilled artisans continue to weave them by hand out of palm leaves, which become really sturdy when they dry. Artesano empowers these traditional artisans by giving them access to a global market. For every purchase, Artesano donates five dollars to TECHO, a youth-led organization in Ecuador that builds homes for those living in poverty.