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Clean Greens Anti-Pollution Face Mask

US $34.00

Like a green juice for your skin, this powder-to-gel mask is made of the purest, 100 percent edible ingredients, like chlorella, spirulina, and mango. You activate it with water, then smooth across your face, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, and splash off to reveal clear, glowy, bright, beautifully hydrated skin.

  • 1 oz.
Clean Greens Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Clean Greens Anti-Pollution Face Mask

About the Brand

Brooklyn-based Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s curiosity about the power of turmeric first started when her mother began taking it; when Wofford began looking for a holistic approach to glowy skin, she did, too—to what she says are fantastic results. She and her partner Issey Kobori created an entire brand based around turmeric: There are gorgeously packaged tonics, and even an amazing-recipe-packed blog, aptly named “The Golden Hour.”