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Clear Quartz Crystal-Infused Water Bottle

US $80.00

At the core of this glass bottle is clear quartz, which is said to be the highest-level, most versatile stone—a blank slate for intention setting. Meditating aside, though, this bottle makes staying hydrating infinitely more fun—like you’re drinking in good vibes all day long.

  • Quartz, glass, stainless steel
  • Height: 9.75"; Diameter: 2.75"
  • Volume: 18 oz
  • Hand wash components, glass bottle is dishwasher safe

About the Brand

Growing up in New Orleans, childhood friends Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen were fascinated with Mardi Gras, the spiritual world, and the crystal-infused elixirs that Shoen’s father always had around the house. After Leslie had a prophetic dream, the two figured out the ideal way to infuse water with the power of crystals: Instead of leaving the stones free floating in the water (which could inadvertently damage them), they designed a sleek glass bottle with a permanent crystal in the bottom— a permanent (and gorgeous) crystal infusion that cuts down on plastic waste, too.