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Cleopatra Body Scrub


Sea salt, sugar, honey, vitamin E, rose geranium and rose...Swirling with gorgeous oils and beautifully exfoliating, softly dissolving salt and sugar crystals, this luxurious scrub is decidedly Cleopatra-worthy. It sweeps away dead skin cells, improves circulation, detoxifies, and moisturizes, all at once; it smells and feels like heaven, and leaves your skin baby-soft and faintly-scented.

  • 14.1 oz


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  • United States
  • Canada


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About the Brand

In 2002, pharmacist Margo Marrone and her husband Francesco created a beautiful, wildly successful chain of wellness dispensaries in London devoted to their ever-expanding, luxurious, certified-organic line of homeopathic remedies, skin, hair, and body care. From a beautifully-made dry brush to a seriously amazing detox supplement and some of our favorite oils, scrubs, and soaks, this brand is a gorgeous, sleekly modern classic.