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Condom Variety Gift Set

US $29.00

This condom set includes three different sizes—tailored, ultra thin, and comfort—to try out. They’re all lubricated inside and out, and made from non-toxic latex triple-tested for safety. And (this is a giftset, after all) they come in a zippered canvas pouch that’s discreet in a nightstand or purse.

  • 3 packs of 3 lubricated condoms each
Condom Variety Gift Set

Condom Variety Gift Set

About the Brand

Founded by Jeffrey Hollender—he also founded Seventh Generation, the eco cleaning and personal-care product brand—and his daughter, Meika, Sustain is dedicated to making clean, non-toxic products to support women’s sexual health, from tampons to condoms (they use fair-trade latex). Sustain uses no harmful chemicals, parabens, animal by-products or synthetic fragrance—amazing, and absolutely necessary. Bonus: Sustain allots 10 percent of sales to benefit global women’s health care.