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Dayton Shearling Sandals

US $130.00

Found: fuzzy slippers that play well outside the house. Yep, these guys have the same next-level comfort as your beloved Birkenstocks—thanks to the sculpted footbed—but the shearling-covered upper lends an extra treat for your toes. In other words, you’ll never grow tired of this pair.

  • Genuine lamb shearling, cork, latex, suede, EVA
  • Made in Portugal
Dayton Shearling Sandals

Dayton Shearling Sandals

About the Brand

Founded in 1774 in Germany, Birkenstock became a linchpin of laidback California style from the ‘60s on, and their iconic designs still look cooly modern today. Their serious orthopedic benefits are a major reason the shoes have stayed so relevant through the decades: The contoured cork sole conforms to your foot like magic and supports your arches like no other. Even more impressive is their resilience—a single pair can hold up for years and years. They’re the most comfortable, quirky-yet-versatile, sensible-yet-sexy, trend-confounding shoes in existence; everyone should have at least one pair.