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Dirty Mango

US $65.00

This sexy, wildly original new scent from natural perfume star Douglas Little (along with Heretic, he co-creates the goop fragrances with GP) smells like a barefoot walk under a mango tree in the tropics. Ripe mandarin, lemon, and mango mix with sandalwood, ambrette, and geranium for a perfume that’s both rich and tart, fruity and sophisticated. Wear it with a floral slipdress, a G.Label jumpsuit, or jeans and a t-shirt—it truly makes anything feel instantly sexier and more sophisticated.The gorgeous glass bottle is travel size, making it brilliant for the makeup bag or suitcase.

  • 15 ml
Dirty Mango

Dirty Mango

About the Brand

Perfumer Douglas Little began his (brilliant) career in the world of high-end conventional fragrances. His work evolved to focus on pure, natural essences, reflecting the origins of perfumery in alchemy, medicine, and spirituality. Little co-creates goop fragrances with GP; the two share a passion for scent. “We sit on the floor and geek out on fragrance,” says GP. “It’s an amazing process—he’s just so talented.” (goop 02: Shiso won Into the Gloss’ Top 25 Award.) In his own line, Heretic, Little explores the magic that pure fragrances have on the senses: “For me, nature is wild, provocative, sensual, spiritual and serene,” says Little. “I love natural perfume materials because of their wonderfully raw aspects: I want to smell traces of the plant's origin, elements of the soil, bits of the leaves and stems.” The resulting fragrances are unique, rare and utterly extraordinary.