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Rituel de Fille

Enchanted Lip Sheer

US $24.00

A gorgeous combination of intense pigment and translucent texture, these super-moisturizing balm/lipstick hybrids flatter just about every complexion.

  • Datura—a pretty medium-pink that’s gorgeously wearable.
  • Bittersweet—a coral-shaded neutral that goes with everything.
  • Rue—a hot pink that instantly brightens your entire complexion.
  • Love-Ache—a classic feminine red that’s vibrant and energetic.
  • Bloodroot—a sheer amber that shifts to a bright blood orange when layered; the pigment is drawn from the achiote tree, whose heart-shaped pods contain small seeds coated in deep red-orange powder and have been used as body paint by indigenous peoples of the rainforest.
  • Blackthorn—a deep, ripe-blackberry stain that works with practically every skin tone there is.
  • 0.06 oz

About the Brand

Makeup artists (and sisters) Michelle, Caroline, and Katherine Ramos are obsessed with pigment and the ceremonial space it occupies culturally. Aptly, their LA-based Rituel de Fille makeup line highlights gloriously intense, rich color that stands out within the natural beauty world. The glamorous formulas are ultra-flattering, hydrating, and long-lasting.