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The Nue Co.

Energy Food + Prebiotic


Energy support is the (brilliant) idea behind this potent blend of maca, goji berry, and beetroot. It’s designed to support sustained energy when taken consistently for at least four weeks; its infusion of prebiotic inulin also supports gut health and digestion. All Nue Co formulas are food based—so they’re easy to digest—and contain no added sugar, gluten or filler. Their chic black-glass bottles protect the potent health-supporting ingredients inside, eliminating the need for preservatives.

  • 100g


Ships to

  • United States

How to Use

Mix one teaspoon into a cold beverage like water, almond milk, smoothies, or yogurt once a day.

About the Brand

Shocked to discover some of the impurities found in conventional supplements (up to 50-percent of the ingredients can consist of fillers, chemicals, and preservatives), Jules Miller (whose grandfather incidentally, led seminal studies on supplements and how the body absorbs nutrients) launched this line of health-supporting powders to help boost energy, streamline digestion, maintain gorgeous skin, and more. All Nue Co powders are made from the cleanest ingredients possible, infused with gut-balancing pre- and probiotics, and contain no fillers, binders, or synthetic preservatives. They easily blend into nut milks—and look pretty gorgeous sitting on a shelf—but most important, of course, is how beautifully they work.