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Whole Spice

Essential Detox Breakfast Kit

US $52.00

Curated by goop food editors, this essential spice set is our go-to for all things breakfast. We use it for everything from our famous anti-inflammatory Turmeric Latte, to last year's detox Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal, and this year's Collagen Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie—you can’t go wrong.

  • Includes: Organic cardamom green powder (2.3 oz), organic cinnamon powder (2.3 oz), vanilla bean powder (2.2 oz), cacao nibs (1.9 oz), organic tumeric powder (2.5 oz), sea salt Himalayan pink (5.1 oz)

About the Brand

Since starting their Napa Valley spice business in 2000, owners Ronit and Shuli Madmone, have spent the bulk of their time traveling to far-flung parts of the world to source spices, organic whenever possible. In honor of It’s All Easy, we tasked them with creating a kit that includes spices for each and every recipe.