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Kristie Streicher

Essential Eyebrow Grooming Kit

US $225.00

The famous LA brow whisperer/Striiike salon cofounder Kristie Streicher developed this amazing kit, with which you can transform your brows in seconds. You can also use it to (effortlessly) maintain the shape you’ve already got, at home. You get a brilliant  brow brush, along with tweezers and scissors made by Rubis, the gold-standard Swiss tweezer manufacturer. Streicher’s been using precisely these tools to create her sought-after Feathered Brows on clients for the last twenty years; now, she’s packaged them in a grain-leather case inspired by a vintage design she’s always loved. Bonus: The set includes access to some truly fantastic Streicher how-to tutorials.

  • Includes: tweezers, brow brush and scissors
  • Leather case