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Ashley Black


US $89.00

Designed by body guru and pro-athlete trainer Ashley Black, this brilliant tool works on fascia, the connective tissue that covers all of our muscles. It’s brilliant for a number of purposes (it’s really helped GP with some back pain), but at the top of the list is getting rid of cellulite (though, in Ashley’s book, that unpleasant word is a myth, as she explains in our Q&A). As Black explains, cellulite isn’t actually caused by fat or only suffered by those in a particular body-fat percentage; it’s the result of distortions in our fascia that pull down on the skin, creating the appearance of dimples. The key to zapping cellulite is smoothing out the fascia—which is why this ingenious tool is a must.

  • Plastic
  • Length: 24", Width: 4", Height: 4"