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Ohio Stoneware

Fermentation Crock Set (1 Gallon)

US $90.00

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These hand-shaped stoneware crocks are used for vegetable fermentation, the oldest known method of food preservation; it’s the best way to pickle food while retaining the most vitamins and minerals in the process. This one is finished with a lead-free glaze, so they’re safe for use in the oven, dishwasher, and microwave, and they’re nice and thick, promising the best possible temperature regulation and durability. This set includes the 1-gallon crock, 1-gallon crock cover and a set of 1-gallon crock weights.

  • Ceramic
  • Height: 8", Diameter: 7.75"; 1 gallon
Fermentation Crock Set (1 Gallon)

Fermentation Crock Set (1 Gallon)

About the Brand

Premium stoneware, gardenware, and kitchenware comes by way of Zanesville, Ohio, where the Ohio Stoneware company mixes a unique clay recipe to fire timeless pieces under 2200-degree Fahrenheit heat. Their simple aesthetic—two blue lines and a numbered stamp—tells the story of a traditional family-owned business, and a product that's proudly made in America and built to last a lifetime.