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Flax Line Organics Bath Towel

US $64.00

Slow-weaved in Imabari, Japan (towel production is the regional specialty) out of garment-quality thread since 1934, Kontex towels are super absorbent and keep their signature softness wash after wash. This organic bath towel has a beautiful cotton gauze layer on the outside (note the subtle chevron stripe accent), and looped terry on the inside. And while it’s not traditionally fluffy, the lightweight, quick-drying, and hyper absorbent qualities make it a bathroom staple. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Height: 23.75”, Width: 49.25"
  • Machine wash cold; avoid bleach or fabric softener
  • Made in Japan
Flax Line Organics Bath Towel

Flax Line Organics Bath Towel

About the Brand

A testament to Japanese craftstmanship, Kontex dish towels are designed to feel as sumptuous as garments, but in a way that's durable and long-lasting. Every towel is woven using traditional techniques to preserve the integrity of delicate cotton yarns; the finished towels are then washed in the melted snow of Mount Ishizuchi to remove any contaminants (like starch or wax) inhibiting the towel's absorbency. The attention to detail can be felt in every fiber of the finished product.