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Richard Brendon

Fluted Highball

US $114.00

Hand-cut just outside of London, this is some of the finest crystal drinkware that money can buy. The timeless diamond detailing is beautiful, especially when the light hits it, making Richard Brendon’s entire set an heirloom to last and love for generations. (The complete set is the greatest wedding gift ever.) Detailed with a prismatic effect (which takes an impressive amount of time and skill to perfect), this highball glass is perfect for iced, full mixed cocktails—think Gimlets.

  • Crystal
  • Height: 6.1"; Diameter: 2.8"; 12.8 oz
Fluted Highball

Fluted Highball

About the Brand

Richard Brendon first saw the future of antique British china through his Reflect collection, a series of teacups designed to reflect the patterns of errant antique dishes onto the mirrored exterior of the cups. The award-winning set is a perfect metaphor for Brendon’s vision of a new generation of traditional British wares. Brendon designs in bold, unpretentious motifs while relying on masters of the craft and high grade materials to redefine the meaning of timeless china.