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Be Home

Gold Bar Set of 3 with Wood Handles

US $65.00

This mixing spoon, jigger on a handle, and strainer are all made with matching teak wood handles and stainless steel hardware with a beautiful gold finish. It’s the perfect gift—it even comes packaged in a gift box. The spring strainer fits easily into the mouth of the cocktail shaker to filter muddled fruit, herbs, etc. for an easy, smooth pour; and the bar spoon, with its elegant, long handle, can be used to crush ice, muddle, and stir.

  • 60% stainless steel heads, gold finish; Handles: 40% teak wood 
  • Jigger: Length: 8.5”; Width: 3.25” at the widest point 
  • Strainer: Length: 9.25”; Width: 3.75” at the widest point
  • Spoon: Length: 9.5”; Width: 1.25” at widest point

About the Brand

Be Home is a socially responsible design company that focuses on making natural, environmentally friendly products for the home. All of their pieces are hand-made by artists from small, craft-reliant villages around the world. They adhere to a strict set of ethical rules, ensuring fair trade practices for their skilled artisans, and further illustrating their mission to protect the environment and the people who inhabit it.