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The New Craftsmen x Ernest Wright & Son

Gold Handle Floral Scissors

US $72.00

The New Craftsmen x Ernest Wright & Son's floral art scissors are specifically designed for gardening and flower arranging. The blades are made from sturdy, hardened carbon steel, and equipped with a rose thorn notch for thorn removal and a stem crusher (use it to crush the stems of the flowers for increased water retention and longer life of the flowers over time). The elegant gold handle makes them a thoughtful gift for green thumbs.

  • Blades: Carbon steel; Handles: 24ct gold-plated
  • Store dry
  • 14 cm
  • Made in the UK
Gold Handle Floral Scissor

Gold Handle Floral Scissors

About the Brand

Based in London (they have a lovely brick-and-mortar in Mayfair), The New Craftsmen celebrates makers of all kinds in the British Isles. For this collaboration, they've partnered with Ernest Wright & Son, a family-owned and operated company out of Sheffield that’s been making scissors since at least 1860—Sheffield records from that time referred to Walter Wright (Ernest Sr.’s father) as “Master Scissor-Putter-togetherer.” The scissors that come out of their factory are still ground and sharpened by hand with specific models for uses as diverse as ribbon cutting and hair cutting. If properly cared for, their scissors will withstand a lifetime of use.